Smelting Equipment
Electric Arc Furnace
Ladle Furnace
Dust Collecting Equipment
Continuous Casting Machine
Electrode Regulator System

PSA Oxygen Generator
Refractory Gunning System
Scrap Shredding / Scrap Shear Machine
Grinding Machine
Reheating Furnace

Supersonic Jet Burner
EAF Plant Accessories and Services
     Turn-Key Plant Design and Supply

     Equipment Upgrade
     Smelting Plant Spare Parts

     Water Cooling Roof, Wall, and Panel
     Water Cooling Cable
     Graphite Electrode

     Insulating Material
     Slide Gate Assembly
     Sample Shooter

     Equipment Revamping and Services
Electrical and Control Engineering
Power Electrical System
Factory Automation
Supervisory Control and Monitoring System
     Elevation System
     Parking Structure
Electrical Component and Services
Air Separation Equipment
PSA Oxygen Generator
PSA Nitrogen Generator
Air Dryer
Air Separation Equipment Accessories and Services
Fine Chemical
Molecular Sieve
Desiccant and Drying Agent
Absorption Filtering Material